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GW Khamkar A-1 Masala, Spices, GW Khamkar?s Secret Recipe, Taste of 87 years? Experience, Zip Lock & Re-usable Pack, 185grams 



Absolute Purity | No artificial colors | No artificial flavor | Cold-Pressed Masala | No Preservatives | Maharashtrian Masala

Low-Temperature Grinding (LTG) so that the spices retain their freshness and Aroma. With a blend of three renowned chilies named Bedgi, Kashmiri and Teja.

The perfect combination of Indian spices in a perfect blend to give you a lip-smacking taste. Flavor Lock Packaging, Reusable Pack, Perfectly blended to impart the best taste to your home.

Delivers an authentic Indian taste anytime. The blend gives a fiery and peppy taste to your dish, it is used to make all veg and non-veg dishes.

Ziploc packaging that can be reused again and again, Pack of 1: A-1 Masala | Shelf Life: 365 Days

What to do to make spices last longer…

  • Spices should be kept in a glass or porcelain container.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Always keep spices in a dry place.
  • Spices should not be kept in places where there is water.
  • Always keep the lid of the spice jar tight.
  • Do not touch the spice with wet hands.
  • Fill the jar with spices and keep the lid tight.
  • To keep the spices longer, put black asafetida in three parts. (Upper part of the spice, The middle part, lower part).
  • Always remove the spices used separately and keep their spoons separately.
  • Even if the spices are kept in the fridge, their shelf life increases.

Byadgi chilli , kashmiri chilli , teja chilli , black pepper , poppy seeds , triphala , large fennel , cumin seeds , turmeric , cloves , cinnamom , large cardamom , mace , maypatri , caraway seeds, piper cubeba , star aniseed , bay leafs , green cardamom , fenugreek sedds , mustard seeds , dry ginger , salt , oil


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1KG, 185 GM

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